Mórvargh Sailing Project was incorporated as a Community Interest Company (social enterprise) in January 2010. Since then we have taken many young people sailing on our Tall Ship, Helen Mary R based in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth. We use offshore sailing because it is an unforgiving natural environment that provides a sense of risk and adventure to the participants; whilst allowing us to develop them over a range of disciplines. Helen Mary R is a natural extension to this, she requires hard physical work and cannot be sailed without teamwork communication & resilience, both on deck and down below. Most people come to us with little or no sailing experience but nearly all find it a life changing experience!

90% of young people taking part learn something about themselves which will make a positive change in their life; some will even make profound life changing discoveries.

Up to 10 young people aged 14+ sail from Plymouth aboard Helen Mary R, whilst on board they are involved with all aspects of sailing from hoisting and reefing the sails, to helming, to navigating as well as being responsible for the domestic chores! It’s great to watch the young people overcome the challenges of baking bread whilst at 30° of heel!

Our voyages are categorised as either ‘Adventure, Explore, Expedition, Race or Experience’. It is important that participants understand what these ratings mean and that they have selected an appropriate trip for themselves. If you are new to sailing and are unsure about any aspect we suggest taking part in an ‘Experience’ rated voyage first so that you know what to expect. You can book a voyage as an individual or as a whole group; we’ve worked with schools, youth groups and statutory agencies.

Our guiding principle is simple, to; Use Sail Training to Inspire & Change Lives. It’s this principle that helps us deliver rich, innovative & unique sailing adventure voyages that help to get the most out of young people.

You need not be a young people to also experience life on the ocean wave, our Adult Sailing Days and Corporate voyages are run throughout the year from Plymouth and are open to everyone. Don’t let the kids have all the fun!