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Sponsor ASPIRE360

Sponsor ASPIRE360

Yesterday I was interviewed by Heart FM, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Cornwall and had a television film crew from the BBC visit Helen Mary R in Sutton Harbour! Certainly not a normal day for me but a huge day for Morvargh Sailing Project.


Morvargh Sailing Project - Press Release

#ASPIRE360 – Press Release

1735 miles, 16 ports, 8 children, 2 countries
1 Life changing adventure!


On Sunday 2nd April 2017 a team of eight young people aged between 14 and 18 will begin the adventure of their life as they sail 1735 nautical miles around...

Grit not Grades

Grit and Grades, why fewer exams matter

I recently read a fantastic article in the @Guardian newspaper written by Ben Fogle. The article talked about the importance of the wilderness and the health and welfare of children rather than the reliance on continual testing; which we know...

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