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ASPIRE360 Learning Afloat

Reflecting on our experiences

As I sit here with my morning coffee and listen to the rain on the coach roof there is one definite thing missing, noise and young people! For the last 40 days Helen Mary R has had 8 young people aboard whilst we completed our #ASPIRE360 UK...

Ship’s Log – Keiran (11/05/2017)

Emotions running high

Arrived in Salcombe Wednesday afternoon - A lovely sail in.
We moored up, sails down and started to clean. We went ashore via the tender so we could stretch our legs and...

Ship’s Log – ()

"Glad to leave Grimsby and arrive in London"

We departed Grimsby for London at 2200 and, it's best to say, that we were glad to see the back of Grimsby. Starboard watch were on watch to begin with,...

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