Sailing aboard Plymouth's Tall Ship

Morvargh Sailing Project uses sail training as a personal development tool for young people aged 14+, taking them to sea in our 57-foot Tall Ship Helen Mary R.  We sail from Plymouth with around 200 young people each year who we call trainees. Around two-thirds of our trainees will be disadvantaged or vulnerable in some way and we work in partnership with other organisations both to select these young people and also to ensure that the lessons learned and achievements made on a voyage are carried through to life ashore.

Taking part in a sail training voyage brings benefits to all sorts of young people (and adults!); perhaps their lives are dominated by television and computer games and they really need an active outdoor adventure; maybe they are high achievers who need to broaden their experiences beyond endless exams; or they may be doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award and looking to stretch themselves through a challenging adventure.

For all these young people, a voyage is designed to develop confidence, team-working, the ability to cope with unfamiliar situations, and tolerance and understanding of others. Young crew members not only sail the boat, keep watch and help to navigate; they also learn basic life skills such as cooking and healthy eating.

We also provide a number of voyages for adults such as our experience sailing days and corporate development or entertainment. These voyages are designed to support the work we do with young people, are full cost and as such help to subsidise our youth voyages. As our experience sailing days are scheduled around our sail training voyages.

We currently offer the following voyages:

Youth Scheme

1 Day Tasters, Our 1 day taster voyages are designed to give participants an introduction to life aboard a Tall Ship.  They introduce key theories and concepts which are all used later in the youth scheme. Young people will leave a voyage better understanding the need for team work, communication, and working against adversity. Concepts can be linked back to group work that the young person is undertaking in class across most GCSE subjects.  We can also provide bespoke 1 day voyages that integrate with classroom work, these complement and add to modules across a range of GCSE schemes of work.

Introduction to Tall Ships, The weekend introduction to Tall Ship sailing is designed to give participants a wider and more in depth understanding of life aboard a Tall Ship. Key theories and concepts are developed which allow the young people to reflect, learn & use in the second day afloat. Participants leave the voyage with a greater understanding of themselves, their own personal strengths and and importantly have developed their skills in Maths, English, & Science. Each participant gets to undertake a role aboard the vessel and learn that they are all integral to the success of the voyage. This approach builds communication, motivation, and hard skills in core GCSE subjects.

Standard Training Voyage, Our Tall Ship Training Voyage is designed to fully immerse participants into life at sea. We will undertake longer passages on our Tall Ship, Helen Mary R, some of which will be overnight. The full programme will really embed key theories and concepts, allow for internal reflection, and develop academic skills. Each participant undertakes a role aboard the vessel for a 24hr period and learn that they are all integral to the success of the voyage.  This approach builds communication, motivation, and hard skills in core GCSE subjects. The roles all assist with certain GCSE subjects and help to build academic performance outside of the classroom in a fun and non challenging way.  Time is given for group discussions each day, either in their watches or as a whole boat so that core lessons can be further embedded.

STEM Workshop

We have partnered with the National Marine Aquarium to assist us in delivering the first module of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) workshops.  The STEM workshops allow us to use the exciting and dynamic environment of Plymouth Sound to deliver a range of  lessons to schools and colleges that complement work within the National Curriculum.

Our STEM Workshops are delivered both at the National Marine Aquarium and by sailing on our Tall Ship, Helen Mary R and follows our core ethos of using sail training to inspire and change lives. We use the sea as our classroom and its wildlife, people, and most importantly its heritage all have valuable lessons that can teach and educate our young people into having a better understanding themselves, their place in society and how they can protect it for the future.

Delivered over two days, the Marine Environment Workshop is designed from the outset to be a hands-on experiential learning experience allowing students to learn whilst studying in two very different environments.

Adult Voyages

Experience Sailing Days, Bring the family along on one of our Tall Ship Experience days, introduce them to sailing on this fun and exhilarating trip! At 57ft long ‘Helen Mary R’ is large enough to be stable, but fast enough to be exciting for both novice and experienced sailors alike. With a real “hands-on” focus everyone can get involved, with children and adults all getting the opportunity to steer the boat, work on the foredeck and just enjoy the thrill of sailing. With family fun as the main aim of the trip, our Skipper and Crew will ensure there is lots of action throughout.

When you arrive you will have an opportunity to look around the yacht, before the Skipper gives a short safety brief and kits everyone up in lifejackets and wet weather clothing (if required). Then we will slip lines and motor out to Plymouth Sound where everyone will work together to help hoist the sails and get ‘Helen’ sailing.

Our Tall Ship Experience days are great sport for the family, as it is something everyone can do together. Whether it’s pretending to be on the Black Pearl, the rush of steering a 57ft yacht, pleasure at harnessing power from the wind alone or just the fun of working as part of the team, there is something for everyone to take away from this experience.

Please note: Children must be over 6 stone for our voyages due to life jacket sizing.