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Mile Builder – Plymouth to Cowes

Join us aboard to build your miles and experience. Improve all aspects of your sailing skills, from navigation to sail setting, to watch keeping. Not for you? View our other voyages here

Distance Sailed:
Open to:
1st October 2018 from Plymouth
4th October 2018 in Cowes, Isle of White
4 Days
Mile Builder - Plymouth to Cowes

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Rating: Adventure
Trips with an adventure rating will cover much greater mileage than an explore trip. Crews will get the chance to head to sea properly and sail for a few days or nights and really get into life on board an ocean going yacht. We still aim to allow a good bit of time to head ashore and explore, but as distances increase so does our reliance on weather windows and conditions. Sailors often find it’s a matter of hurry up and wait. If you love heading offshore, arriving in new lands and are confident that you will be able to cope with a few days at sea, even if conditions deteriorate, then these are going to be fantastic trips for you.

ItineraryDon’t forget; weather makes all the difference! This Itinerary may change!

Mile Builder – Plymouth to Cowes Adventure | 1st October 2018

Departing from Plymouth. Join the vessel by 11:00 on 1st October 2018

Plymouth Cawsand

What we’ll we be doing: Inshore Sailing
Distance Sailed: 10nm (approx. 5hrs sailing)
Highlights: Arrival, get to know the boat and safety brief

Cawsand Cowes, Isle of White

What we’ll we be doing: Offshore Sailing
Distance Sailed: 124nm (approx. 21hrs sailing)
Highlights: Practice seamanship skills. e.g. Navigation, Sail Planning, Watch Keeping

Cowes, Isle of White

What we’ll we be doing: Exploring Onshore
Distance Sailed: 0nm
Highlights: Enjoy Cowes, explore this iconic british sailing town

Voyage Completion

We aim to finish by 5pm on the 4th October 2018. This could change depending on conditions, tides and weather. All participants are required to assist cleaning Helen Mary R, stowing her sails, and packing everything away prior to departing the vessel.

What’s included

  • All meals, snacks and drinks aboard (3 meals a day)
  • Waterproofs and safety equipment

What’s not inlcuded

  • Meals, snacks and drinks ashore
  • Public transportation costs from Cowes, Isle of White

Apply now! (10 Places Left)