Ship’s Log – Ships Log 3 (08/04/2017)

Bonding over Brownies

Today has been an amazing day. We hoisted the sails well as a team, despite being thrown about a bit by the wind and waves! It’s one of those moments that will stay with me forever, the waves spraying you with water and sliding about on the deck but focusing on the job at hand.

I made brownies for the crew, along with Vicky, Bracken and Iris, which were great to eat on our night watches. I enjoyed licking the spoon, helping to ‘clear up’. They were a bit gooey but not a bad bake!

Our watches were great, entertaining ourselves with games, songs and tongue twisters, becoming closer and more of a team each day. The sunset was a great sight as usual, going down over the Mourne Mountains.


  1. Hope you saved some brownies for me! Sounds like you’re all having a great time

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