Ship’s Log – Ryan (01/05/2017)

Leaving Newcastle on a blue sky as blue as the water that surrounded us, the colour that the sea should be…. BLUE. After waking early to finish prep for a rocking boat as well as to send off schoolwork to homebase-hometown-one E-mail, one love, peace. The morning sail from 08:00 out of Newcastle went well, a little too well and it was a shame, a damn shame when the engine was turned on. I couldn’t believe it.

Around this time Starboard came off watch at 12:00 meaning a short rest until 16:00 meaning prep for this nights feed. A feed of a gammon meat, something that could take a little more than a while to heat through. On top of that prepping and cutting veggies on a boat rocking like Johnny Cash is a monkey on your back you don’t want to look at.

The gammon, potatoes, cabbage and carrots cooked through thoroughly, thoroughly enough to eat even and after that nights feed it was time for the next watch for Starboard. An eight til twelve. Helming in the dark you don’t realise how your environment changes around you with the following morning on the approach into Grimsby a big change occurred as the sun rose. The sea had shifted to a murky brown, pure brown and beige in all directions but something that didn’t require light to sense was the smell; fish & oil. This isn’t to say Grimsby didn’t have it’s own kitsch however. The great tower of Grimsby standing over us in our approach into the lock was a magnificent sight. Nevertheless the stay in Grimsby was short.


  1. Coral Pepper

    Glad to see you have not lost your sense of humour, Ryan. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure in July. Hope you and the crew have a good sail home.

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