Ship’s Log – P1 (13/10/2016)

We saw whales!!!

This is a fictional entry to show parents, school teachers and group leaders a ship’s log page.

Participants onboard our voyages are encouraged to discuss their first shared challenges and will be introduced to the concept of role based training. This system allows the young people to find a role aboard which they could excel at and thus feel like they are contributing to the shared goal of completing the voyage.The roles are rotated every 24hrs and each participant will have the opportunity to complete all the roles aboard. The Afterguard will assist each participant to complete their role so there is always a watchful eye for any safety concerns.

  • Bosun: Leads the sail evolutions aboard, from hoisting to reefing, and ultimately trimming. (Will increase understanding of Physics & History)
  • Navigator: Assists in plotting positions, creating courses for the vessel to follow and create passage/pilotage plans, keeps the ships paper log. (Will increase understanding of Maths & Geography)
  • Purser: Writes this Ship’s Log online entry, records and maintains the ships accounts and completes victualing. Records video footage & takes pictures. (Assists in understanding English, IT & Maths)
  • Coxwain: Helms the vessel, ensures we maintain our course & drives the tender (Assists in understanding Maths & Physics)
  • Cook: Organises the galley and ensures meals are prepared on time, works with Purser to ensure victuals are maintained. (Assists in understanding Maths & PSHE)

The Ships Log will see young people sailing with us will write about their adventures; upload pictures they’ve taken, along with a GPS track displayed on an interactive chart of where we’ve sailed that day so that their adventures can be shared. Families, friends and the public can interact with or share this page and it is automatically shared to our social media pages when posted.


  1. Steve O'Connell

    Used to love skippering HMR when the RSP had her. A great boat!

  2. […] we depart on the 2nd April 2017 and set sail each member of the crew will be uploading a ‘ships log (click for an example)‘ to the website; you can visit this page to find links to each young person’s log! […]

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