Ship’s Log – MRBC (06/04/2017)

Sunsets, Seasickness and Songs!

The first day certainly put us in a false sense of security for the second day brought about hard, however exciting challenges. It was a long day for everyone, occasionally interspersed with outbreaks of seasickness by some of the crew members but in my opinion nothing can’t be overcome with a bit of music and singsong! Iris and I tried our hardest to raise spirits with my flute and her rendition of Drunken Sailor and various other lively tunes. Today was the first full day of sailing and I had the privilege of being on watch as the sunrise painted the sky in the morning and went down in the evening and I thought they were absolutely stunning. It’s such a different experience witnessing it on the sea than on the land! And despite minor technical difficulties we docked in Milford Haven safely around midnight and I think we all appreciated the chance to get a proper night’s sleep and recover from the past day.


  1. Caroline White-Goettsche

    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa! Really interesting to track your progress. How is my brother, Paul, coping? Caroline

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