Ship’s Log – MRBC (02/04/2017)

Blue skies and a great send off

It was very exciting to start the first leg of the trip. When we were in Plymouth sound Matt showed us how to hoist and tack sails. It was nice to see my mum, dad and sister sail past us in Plymouth on the ferry Pont-Aven on there way to Spain for a holiday. For lunch we had ham sandwiches. When we were out of Plymouth we started our port watch which was my watch. My watch lasted 2 hours from 4PM until 6PM. Our next watch was 8PM until 12PM. It was quite cold on that watch so we all drank lots of hot drinks. I Also helmed the boat too which was great!


  1. Coral Pepper

    It was such a great day on Sunday – bon voyage to you all.

    1. Matthew Barraud

      Thanks Coral!

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