Ship’s Log – Morgan_ASPIRE360 (25/04/2017)

“Relaxing trip with lots of engine work and not much sailing”

Today we set off for Newcastle from Edinburgh. It was a journey which had been carefully planned out, so much so that starboard watch were to be awoken at 0115 so that we could be leaving at 0200. This was also going to be Malcolm and Pete’s last journey with us as they were leaving us in Newcastle having been with us since Belfast. We departed at 0200. For our breakfast that morning we had bacon sandwiches and bacon which was made by starboard watch. We then had soup for our lunch which was also made by starboard watch and for our dinner we had meatballs and pasta which was made for us by port watch. It is especially difficult preparing a meal for 16 people on a boat, even more so when the galley is so small compared to a normal kitchen.

It was a very smooth sail with next to no wind at all down the east coast with quite a big ground swell coming our way throughout the journey, therefore suggesting that there was a weather front coming our way. We pulled in close to the shore at one point so that we could see Alnwick Castle which was used to film parts of Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. We also went past an island called Holy Island and Lindesfarn. As we got closer to the marina in Newcastle we could see that the Angel of the North was coming into view. The entrance to Newcastle harbour was quite a difficult one as there was a massive shipping container leaving as we were entering, as well as the waves crashing right in the entrance and the tide being a bit stronger in that area. We finally berthed at 1845 in the marina and we had a shower and then we slept until 0900 the next morning as we were all extremely tired.


  1. Amazing just how much a good dose of sea can wear you out! Glad you had a good passage, see you all in London 😀⛵⚓

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