Ship’s Log – Keiran (11/05/2017)

Emotions running high

Arrived in Salcombe Wednesday afternoon – A lovely sail in.
We moored up, sails down and started to clean. We went ashore via the tender so we could stretch our legs and ring home to check in on the family. Found out that we were being watched on the webcam!!
Starboard watch were cooking dinner, so Port watch decided to do some fishing (unsuccessful may I add!).
With out bellies full from the dinner, we went outside to watch the sun set and we had time to reflect on how far we’ve all come and the amazing journey we have all had.

Friday – The last leg!
5:15am, up and ready to cook the breakfast before the depart at 6am.
We were energetic and full of excitement to see our families after 40 days away!
Dolphins, around 12 including 2 baby calves, joined us. It seemed surreal.
Once we rounded Plymouth, my emotions kicked in as I realised that it would not be long before I could see my family again.
We were greeted by BBC Spotlight, who were filming us on our sail back into the marina.
As we looked up by the cannons, we could see and hear some of our family members who were taking photos and waving to us.

We sailed into the lock at 11:45am. As we approached the straight, Georgia started to play the Fife. Everyone was gathering opposite Helen Mary R’s mooring. All of us were on deck, eagerly waiting to get the visual contact of our families. Emotions flooded, as we moored.

An epic journey and lifelong friendships that will never be forgotten.

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