Ship’s Log – Carrickfurgus_Awesomeness (12/04/2017)

Go! Faster

An Adrenalin Rush in Carrickfergus
We set sail for Carrickfergus from Belfast. The Starboard Watch were on deck so my watch were in charge of doing breakfast as it was only a quick journey. We made everyone a full fry up and also bread. When we got into Carrickfergus we were greeted by the Belfast Sailability Group, they gave us a look around all of their boat designed to take people with disabilities. One of them was like a canoe with a sail that goes really, really fast.
Then we went to have a walk along the beach with Bracken whilst the others did the shopping. We had great fun but didn’t see the seals that we were looking for, so we went to get an ice cream.
Then we came back to the boat to find that the Sailability group had offered to take us out in their brand new 50knot rib! It was amazing fun and we went really fast across the waves outside Carrickfergus. Iris did some filming which is on our facebook page. Ryan tried to do some too – but his phone went overboard! Ooops!
Afterwards we had some delicious rice pudding to warm us up. We got into our bunks and all fell asleep super-fast as it had been an exciting day! Overall it was one of the best ports so far!


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  2. Great to hear you had a good time in Carrickfergus and the sailability project sounds fantastic.

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