ASPIRE360 Team

Behind ASPIRE360 is a dedicated team of people who have a wealth of experience to make the challenge a truly life changing voyage.


Captain Matthew Barraud

Matthew is Helen Mary R’s permanent Captain and founder of Morvargh Sailing Project. Before starting Morvargh, Matthew worked in colleges managing student services and residential settings allowing him to gain an insight into how sail training can compliment education. His sailing experience has seen him take sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts all over Europe to places such as Norway, France, and the Mediterranean. In fact he sailed an impressive 15,000 miles last year!

Matthew is the lead behind ASPIRE360 and will be Captain aboard Helen Mary R throughout.


Vicky Barraud

Vicky is Morvargh’s Operations Manager and creative Instagram genius! She manages the back office side of Morvargh and ensures we are well organised and running smoothly. Vicky also volunteers as a Watch Officer and sails on most of our experience sailing days and some training voyages. She will be joining us on the ASPIRE360 voyage as a member of the Afterguard and as our longest standing volunteer knows Helen Mary R inside and out!


Bracken Jelier

Bracken will be acting as a Supernumerary on Helen Mary R’s voyage and is taking this on as part of her 40th Birthday challenges! Her day job is as a Magazine Editor and PR specialist. She is managing the press communications and publicity campaign during ASPIRE360 which should also lead to exciting opportunities for Morvargh Sailing Project in the future. During the trip she will be helping the young people and in particular assisting them with their logbooks, social media and the school outreach programme.