Ship’s Log – ASPIRE360-Ships-Log-4 (10/04/2017)

What a Museum!

Today was our first day in Belfast and today was our first planned trip out to go to the Titanic Museum! One of our crew members (Antonio) was particularly exited because he is obsessed with the Titanic. The museum was better than many of the museums that lots of us have been to because it told the story as you progressed throughout. Our favourite part of the museum was in the theatre because you got to see what was found in the wreck of the titanic from a divers point of view. When we reached the gift shop many of us bought post cards and canvas bags because much of the other merchandise was rather expensive , All of the crew put some money together to buy Antonio a book on the titanic to go with the many other items that he bought including a titanic medal that was engraved with his name and “ASPIRE360”. After our fantastic trip out we came back to the boat for some dinner which was chilli (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy) it was good!
After our main course, but before dessert, we did a port versus starboard watch quiz. This was to test us on our theory and knotwork and see how much we could remember of what we had learned so far in the first week of our journey. It was a very heated competition and was very close all the way until the very end when port watch just managed to edge ahead. The prize was a tub of ice cream but because Vicky and Mat wanted to be nice they bought both groups ice cream to go with the apple crumble desert but the port team got an extra flake for each team member.
Today was the best!!!!!!
By Iris and Georgia
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  1. Fantastic. Been following you on twitter and retweeting. Look forward to hearing all the news from Morgan when he returns.

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