Ship’s Log – ASPIRE360-Ryan1 (16/04/2017)

Danger from all angles…!

A day of days, a day of all days – and a day to remember.
Woke up at 06.00 hours stat, job today; navigator.

The journey started in Carrickfergus, Skipper and Malcolm completed a detailed plan of the voyage the night before. Not leaving today would mean a 10 day wait; the height of misfortune.

We departed from the bay of Carrickfergus as early as possible. As we left the bay, information had come about that the bay had Minky Wales. This held the attention of the other the other members of my watch – however I was still in mourning of a certain Motorola which had left this world too early only a day before…the watery grave of which be blessed as we passed it.

The predicted choppy weather turned out to be a fluke and the sail was smooth for the most part – even if the engine was on for most of it. As we neared Gigha the role of Navigator and Lookout became increasingly important. Sharp rocks could pierce the hull from any angle if the course was even slightly wrong: danger from all angles!

The bay at Gigha and the pontoon was too shallow for us to moor up at night. So anchoring in the bay meant two crew members and two Afterguard had to do two hour anchor watches to make sure the ship didn’t drag her anchor. A total of three bearings on the compass were made by each watch to make sure that the ship didn’t drift. My watch was the first two hour one – 10-12pm.

To while away the time we told ghost stories and were making one up about the steering wheel being haunted – the helm moves slightly and we were teasing the girls about it being a ghost. Malcolm went downstairs to record the bearings in the log and then we heard a strange noise. We thought it was Malcolm, but it wasn’t. Then we thought it was maybe an owl, but it wasn’t that weather. Then we thought it might be someone that was on another boat. It wasn’t that either. It turned out to be……the keymaster, the gatekeeper…actually it turned out to be Paul! He climbed out of the hatch at the other end of the boat and crept up on us. It frightened us all to heck! 🙂


  1. Anchor watch is always a good time for ghost stories! Sorry to hear about your phone going to Davy Jones’ Locker!

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