Ship’s Log – Antonio (01/05/2017)

It was a nice run from Newcastle to Grimsby, the sun was out and there was a residual swell left over from the previous gale. 80% of people on board were not sea sick while the other 20% were sea sick.

For breakfast we had porridge and cereal before setting of for Grimsby.
we slipped lines at 9AM and motored down the Tymes river and out to open sea. for lunch we had sausage sandwiches which were made by starboard watch and were very tasty! after lunch port watch ( my watch) were on watch for the afternoon. there was plenty to see along our route such as gas rigs, wind farms and other ships. I did lots of helming that afternoon and have got myself a nickname called robo sailor because i can hold a straight course for hours.

For dinner we had gammon, mash and vegetables, it was very nice. after dinner i went to sleep ready for my 12PM- 4AM night watch. at 12PM i was up and ready for my night watch. we had to look extra hard for lobster pots in the dark . I was helming again and was looking at the distant lights of ships. it was quite cold by i was wearing 8 layers so i wasn’t to bad. when my night watch was over i went to bed and when i woke up we were in Grimsby. i can’t wait to get to London.

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