Ship’s Log – ()

“Glad to leave Grimsby and arrive in London”

We departed Grimsby for London at 2200 and, it’s best to say, that we were glad to see the back of Grimsby. Starboard watch were on watch to begin with, setting the lines to slip and making sure that the correct sails were hanked on do that they were ready to be hoisted.

Due to the fact that we were departing during the night we couldn’t see a lot as we were exiting the River Humber. However, the sunrise the next morning was a beautiful sunrise with the sun glinting off the sea like a mirror and the rays piercing through the clouds. AS we were going along down the east coast we had a call come from down below that we had a fish in our sea water strainer, unfortunately we couldn’t eat it as it was decomposing in the strainer and may have given us food poisoning. Continuing our voyage through the North Sea we came across a wind farm and then an oil rig which was very interesting to see, especially as I had never seen an oil rig before. Further along we also saw a dredger disposing of it’s waste.

We then entered the River Thames and went underneath the Dartford bridge and as we continued going along we started to see the London skyline recognising more and more things the further along we went. We then got to the Thames barrier which was very interesting to go through, especially with the implications that it has fr London and it’s future. We then saw HSBC an Barclays bank offices start to come into view and soon a we could see the O2 arena appearing and we could then begin to start recognising buildings along the Thames. We then turned the final corner and Tower Bridge appeared and we then berthed just beneath it, with HMS Belfast on the other side and HMS President behind us.

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